110011: The best airport in the world

A place known by itself
Known cities get their labels
Places become places because of their identity
They just need personality

-Maxwell Fry

A famous British journalist once asked, "Is India great with Gandhi or Gandhi with India?" To explain his question: Will Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport be affected by Pin Code 110037 Become important? Or the other way around? & # 39;

An airport, that is, the airport of the country's capital, has its own independent meaning. There are no peripheral facilities such as Pin Code, no matter how important it is [Pin Code]. Delhi's IGIA is so important that nothing else is needed to support or support its enviable position. At least for that matter, Pin Code 110037 is in the back seat, although it can be said that Delhi 37 is known for its international airport.

Does Windsor Palace in London need any other landmarks or stamps of identity? Does the University of Oxford need additional identity information to appear? Does the White House need any other landmarks to emphasize its location? Does Howrah need a separate password, or does he need to tie himself to an apron rope in Kolkata [oh, Kolkata!]? A separate place is enough to stand alone. The same is true for Delhi Airport, as 110037 is downgraded to a small part of the Delhi Pin Code list.

This formal code does exist only in the official form, otherwise a proposal was made in 2007 to cancel 110037 as the Delhi Airport's pin code. To date, this has not been done for reasons that officials and existing systems know best.
IG can easily become the best international airport in the country. Those who have gone abroad to visit New York's JFK, Tokyo International Airport, Heathrow Airport [London], Gatwick Airport [London], Dubai International Airport [to name a few] will recognize IG and IG in all respects It is a first-rate airport.

The majestic structure, huge setting and amazing facilities as well as connectivity make it the best airport in India, even if not the best in the world. It is one of the best airports in the world, and the lifting of Delhi 37 is reminiscent of this superlative airport.

In addition, as the capital's capital airport, the Ministry of Aviation believes that it is constantly improving and its facilities should maintain world-class standards. After all, an international airport reflects the image of a country, and when it happens to be located in the country's capital, it must be the best by all international standards and parameters. Delhi's IG has proven it. Imagine that the Param Village on the outskirts of Delhi was famous for this airport until it was the Param Airport a few decades ago.

Today, it still exists, but the new gathering gives IG its own identity and there is no extra decoration in the village of palam and vice versa.

These are ample examples of a city landmark that has grown and became known without other supporting crutches.

Today, IG stands up, and despite Pin Code-37's help, it has become redundant on many occasions and occasions.